Here’s the section I’m suppose to introduce myself a bit.  I always find this such a chore because everyone says the same thing about themselves typically.  It’s boring and redundant but safe and we all can appreciate the comforts of routine — security of the familiar — and the tranquility of repetition.  Honestly, I find my day job rather boring and I use photography as my artistic outlet into the creative realm.   Sometimes it’s the only thing that gets me through the week, the ability to capture a photo and push it through the editing process to express my idea or feeling at the time.  In this blog I’m planning to post photos of my travel, ideas that I want to create, fashion (I’m huge fashion nerd thanks to my wife I know all the latest fashion trends…but for women @_@ ) posts and unusual photos that I can put together.  I want to create photos that aren’t ordinary.  That is my goal and I hope I can accomplish it.  This will be a reflection of my artistic side.