Photography has been a fun hobby that I picked up years ago.  I’ve seen my work evolve as I continue to shoot and end up shooting a lot while traveling the world.  In my mind when I shoot, I want to create more than just the “I’m here” photo.  I want to create something that expresses what I’m thinking at the time and pulls out a feeling from the viewer.  Yes, I use photoshop a lot and love how it changes the way a photo could look.  I can take a simple normal day photo and change it to a warm fall scene, or I can use grunge effects to give a photo a more cinematic feel.  It gives me freedom to view a scene in my mind and bring it to life based on my perception of the situation.  With so many specialties of photography out there, I centered more on travel based on my interest.  It’s not taking photos of landmarks or famous sites but rather creating art with the scene.  My wife is usually the model due to the fact that she travels with me =P  We both seem to be on the same page, either fit or conflict the shot and create a mind f*ck in the process when viewed.  I’ll be posting up how I edit, before and after photos and enhancements/tips that I find or feel are useful.  My goal is not to be ordinary with my photos and as I continue to learn I hope to achieve that goal one day.